5 Hacks To Optimize Your Investment In Branded Product Marketing

Knowing how to optimize your investment in promotional products can maximize the returns you generate from them. While the returns you generate may be tangible, or intangible, the important point here is to set your promotional product strategy up for success. A Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) study asked respondents to recall the specific product, … Continued

How Promotional Product Marketing Beats Online Marketing

As marketers, deciding where to allocate your budget can be a real challenge. Ideally, you’d like to invest your advertising dollars into a marketing channel that’s cost effective, consistent while producing the highest return on your investment. Investing in digital advertising can be a great strategy for producing quick returns in the short term, but … Continued

3 Funky Gadgets The Promotive Office Can’t Get Enough Of!

Working in the promotions industry, we’re lucky enough to play with some of the newest and trendiest products on the market. Often, we come across a couple of gadgets that peak our interest and evoke phrases such as “that’s awesome!” and “I want one too!” throughout the office. Here’s our 3 top gadgets we love … Continued

The Humble Pen: Marketing 101

With the power of the internet and social media, the need to stay relevant has never been more important. Companies are increasingly trying to come up with more and more creative merchandise options to get noticed, but often these campaigns can have that immediate “wow factor”, but no long term recall.

Three Reasons to Have Corporate Uniforms

No matter what industry your business operates in, there are many advantages in having a corporate uniform. The benefits are felt throughout the business, from management to employees, all the way through to how the customer perceives your company. BRAND IDENTITY When all employees of the business are in branded uniforms, they are essentially walking … Continued

What I’ve Learnt about the Promo Industry

In Today’s post Tara Rose – a Marketing graduate who worked at Promotive for three years, team outlines what she has learnt since commencing work in the Promotional Products Industry.

The Most Important Thing: Focus

One of the biggest things I’m learning in business is the importance of Focus. When we first started out, I’d tell friends that our business model is great because literally everyone could potentially be a customer.